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Dare to Diverge

Impeccable Quality. Affordable Price.

From the makers of MJM Ebikes

The Rift brand is the culmination of everything we've learned in our years selling ebikes. Cutting edge style, intuitive design, and a comfort and feel that simply cannot be beat. Every model of ebike has been reimagined and recreated, and upgraded. This is not your local ebike brand. This is a divergence from the norm. 

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Unmatched Support and Service

We stand by our bikes, and we're here for you over every rock and pothole. From our brick and mortar service center, we stock and supply every part that goes on our bikes. Stop waiting and start riding again. 

The Devil in the Details

In designing our Rift line, we have re-examined every detail of our bikes. From look and feel, to ease of use, everything has been carefully crafted to provide the highest level of rider experience, and we're proud of that.

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